Dale Gibbons Gayle Gibbons Debby Seymour
Dale Gibbons Gayle Gibbons Debby Seymour
The Gibbons Family
We are proud to carry on this heritage deeply rooted in our family.  The Gibbons Family consists of Dale Gibbons, Gayle Gibbons and Debby Seymour.

Dale Gibbons began his musical interests playing the piano and singing with his mother as a teenager.  In the late 70’s he began playing the piano for Coleman Looper and the Way Travelers from Rickman, Tennessee.  During those travels the group worked with Norm Livingston, a promoter from Dayton, Ohio.  One Saturday afternoon during a concert in Livingston, Tennessee he met Norm’s daughter Gayle.  By August of the next year, Dale and Gayle were married and in December of 1980 they moved to Dayton, Ohio.  Dale and Gayle worked with Pastor Norm at Greenview Calvary Tabernacle until 2001 when The Gibbons Family was formed.  Since 2001 they have been preaching, and singing southern gospel music in different venues and churches across the eastern United States.  Dale sings lead for the group and is known for his “let’s have church” style of singing.

Gayle Gibbons
has been involved in gospel music all of her life.  Gayle’s dad and mom, Norm and Velma Livingston have pastored a church and been involved in promoting gospel singings for over 50 years.  “I was six months old when my dad starting pastoring, I have been raised in church all my life”.  Gayle’s mom and dad, Norm and Velma’s Gospel Sing, hosted groups such as: The Happy Goodman Family, The Inspirations, The Primitive Quartet, The Wilburn’s, The Payne's, The McKamey’s, The McGruder’s, The Singing Cookes, The Crabb Family, The Spencer’s, Charles Johnson and The Revivers, and so many others too numerous to mention.  “We love the Lord”, and when we sing “So Much To Thank Him For” it is absolutely true, we are blessed.   “When we are home, we are privileged to worship in the same church with our two daughters, their husbands,.. Stephanie and Rusty, Ashley and Jason, and six grandchildren Elijah, Kaden, Jillian, Lillie and Sadie (twins), and Ashlynn”.  Gayle sings the alto part for the group.

Debby and Mike Seymour
live in Springfield, Ohio. They both grew up as preacher's kids and found their passion in traveling and singing. Debby, originally from Southern Ohio, comes from a long line of southern gospel singers that spans more than three generations.  Her first recording was at age eight with her family, The Slaughter Family.  Debby attended Ohio Christian University where she traveled and sang.  After college she continued singing as a soloist and with her family until she founded a trio, One Accord.  Debby sang with One Accord until 2014 and they had three recordings.  She and Mike are active members of their local church and Debby sings as a member of the Worship team. Debby loves singing, and winning others to Christ.  She knew at an early age that her calling was singing and she has always used her talent for Him.

The Gibbons Family has recorded multiple CD’s, videos over the past several years. The Gibbons Family has released multiple songs to national radio like; “I Made It By Grace,” “God Told Me To Walk A Little Farther,” “Redeemed,” “What A Journey,”   “Between Me And The Storm, and " I Will Trust You Lord".

If you every have the opportunity to be in a church service, revival, or concert with The Gibbons Family “get ready you are about to have church”.  You will see a group that is full of energy and enthusiasm.