Field Of Grace
∑ Flight That Is Leaving Soon
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∑ I Wasn't There
∑ Rescue Me
∑ Glorious Day
∑ So Much To Thank Him For
∑ When Jesus Speaks
∑ Don't Look Back
∑ I Thought You'd Like To Know
∑ I'm Homesick For Heaven
∑ That Same Spirit
When You Welcome Me
∑I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You
∑ He'll Hold My Hand
∑The Only Thing He Ever Purchased
∑I Canít Think Of One Thing
∑Iím Gonna Be There
∑Iíll Keep Trusting You
God Told Me To Walk A Little Farther
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∑When You Welcome Me
∑Heíll Speak Peace
∑Heíll Hold To My Hand
Live - What A Journey                                 Available  in CD or DVD
- Introduction - Pastor Tim Livingston
- Never Met A Man Like Jesus
- Sheltered In The Arms Of God 
- Dale Introduces ďThe Gibbons FamilyĒ 
- What A Journey (Click To Hear Music)
- I'm Redeemed
- On Heavenís Bright Shore
- He Never Failed Me
- I Donít Regret A Mile
- Most Of All
- I Believe He's Coming Back
- So Much To Thank Him For
- So Much To Thank Him For - Reprise
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